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Our “Glow with Me” service is designed to support and empower expectant mothers by providing them with one-on-one, continuous care. We will support you all the way leading up to and throughout your birth.
  • Glow with Me for Mamabear Gina Doula Services in Gainesville, GA

With our "Glow with Me", services include:
-Free Consultation *
-2 Prenatal Appointments (90-120 minutes) *depending on when hired
-On-Call Support 24/7 from Contract date to Birth
-Attending the Birth
-Hospital Check In Post Delivery
- 1-2 1-hour Postpartum Appointments
-24/7 phone support until final visit**
-Hospital bag essentials checklist

Mamabear Gina Doula Services provides high-quality PREMIUM “Glow with Me” services to help expecting mothers.

The team at Mamabear Gina Doula Services are highly qualified and experienced in prenatal comfort measures and aromatherapy. We will work with you to create a personalized plan that meets your needs.

Testimonials & Reviews

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  • out of 5 stars

    I was absolutely terrified at the thought of a natural (vaginal) birth. With such little time between finding Gina as my doula and having to give birth, I didn’t think I would be mentally prepared to have my baby. Gina absolutely helped all of those doubts and fears melt away. I was in labor for 57 hours and because of her help with preparation, I was able to go 24 hours through contractions on my own at home, while cleaning and doing laundry lol. She helped put me in positions that took so much of the pain away, as well as know the perfect pressure points when massaging to relieve pain. Because of her, I am confident in growing my family someday.

    Kanitra Nichols Gainesville, GA
  • out of 5 stars

    Gina was amazing! She answered all my questions through out my pregnancy and was so encouraging and helpful through my birth. She checked up on us regularly and always has helpful things even when I didn’t know I needed something. I highly recommend her!!!

    Kayla Sprague Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    When the doula I initially hired fell through, I was very fortunate to find Regina as my backup labor support doula. As one can imagine, I was anxious about securing another doula a month and a half before my due date. This was my first baby and I had some fears about pursuing a natural delivery and feeling advocated for. However, I was very much reassured when I got to interview Regina. She seemed like the perfect fit! She was super energetic and involved from day 1, and promptly arranged to meet to discuss our labor plans with my husband and I. Our meetings were very informative. We discussed in length our birth plan, any desired interventions and practiced comfort techniques and positions. She also followed up with me weekly, which made me feel extremely cared for. When I went in to labor, she was just a text/a phone call away, inquiring about how I was coping and advising me when to go to the hospital assuring us that she would be en route when the time came. Even though my labor and delivery didn’t turn out exactly as expected (I eventually had to have a C-section) I am forever grateful that Regina was there for me. She helped me put all of the skills I learned to practice, during my lengthy and exhausting labor. Despite everything I felt very accomplished that I was able to let my body do the what it was made to do for as long as I was able. And the end result was the birth of my beautiful healthy baby girl. Regina continued to check on me well after the delivery and scheduled a postpartum visit where we discussed, healing and coping post partum, breast feeding hacks and even baby wearing. For anyone that is seeking a caring and compassionate labor person, look no further, Regina is the doula for the job. I highly recommended her for your labor support needs and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again in the future.

    Janelle Mosley Gainesville, GA

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